18 April, 2011

Another Week Gone By....

Had another pretty good week of gym time, some horseback riding, and a few 'shortened' runs....

Monday: did my upper body workout and felt good. Didn't run since had just run the day before.

Tuesday: Before doing my weights, I got through 3 miles of intervals all while discussing my Disney January Goofy trip with one of the guys at the gym who just registered for the half with his son!! It's going to be awesome with more gym people there. So far we've got 5 of us running, and possibly 2 more.

After the 3 miles, I got through a leg and ab workout. It was a little harder than normal since I had already ran but still didn't feel bad.

Wednesday: When I first got to the gym, quickly did a one mile warmup and then went right into my circuit. Halfway through the 1st set though, the tendon in my foot started bothering me like it did during my marathon training so I cut my 2nd set short and didn't do much that required my feet. Quickly went home and stretched and iced the foot. It still feels a little funny but definitely not as bad as a few months ago!

Thursday: Rest day for me since I had a presentation to give for class after work. I think it went fairly well!

Friday: No gym or running for me today either but I got to get some horseback riding in. I used to ride competitively in college and loved every second of it. Ever since graduating, I've just been going once a week to ride to keep up with it. Hopefully soon I can start riding more often but school/work gets in the way!

Here's a picture of me and the horse I usually ride, Louis. :) He's an angel, and a beauty, and I LOVE him!  (The photo was from last summer so please ignore the glistening sweat.  Obviously Louis seems thrilled.)

Saturday:  The start of the crazy running weekend!! Participated in the Jersey Shore Marathon Relay, which is always fun. Thought I was doing the 6.1 mile leg but it ended up being 5.55 instead.  I'll post a recap of that in a bit....

Sunday:  And yet another running day....went back down south to run the Rutgers Unite Half Marathon.  To say I'm disappointed is an understatement.  I'll post a full recap for this one soon too but to quickly recap...the race was cut down to a 9.55 mile race due to flooding.  There goes my PR and chance to qualify for Half Fanatic status... grrrrrr.  We did however go on a fabulous eating and drinking binge after so it kinda made up for my crappy mood!

I'll write up the race recaps from this weekend and post them hopefully tonight when I can get my pics off my camera!  

Oh!  And in case anyone is following me on Twitter.. I changed my twitter name to @DisRunner.  Seemed more appropriate, it was easier to remember, and shorter than my last one.  If you're already following me, you don't have to do anything different.  Twitter automatically redirects you to my new name.  If you're not following me...what are you waiting for?? :)


  1. Looks like a good week! But that half marathon seriously? That is so ridiculous! I would require at least 3 beers to make up for it!

  2. That is so cool that you ride horses ... and look totally legit! I mean I've ridden horses and I was in an LA Gear crop top t-shirt and Trailblazer shorts and Keds once. Then last time I wore a leather cowboy hat, jean jacket, jeans, a bandanna around my neck .... and Tommy Hilfiger shoes. Hm. It was actually rather hysterical. But you look so real! Awesome!

  3. @melie... Yes! CRAZY! I def had 3...or 6 hehehehe

    @FruitFly... Haha, thanks! It's the one thing that keeps me sane, other than running!

  4. Awesome! Your such a cool person. I like your way of life. I haven't tried riding a horse but hopefully I can enjoy the things as what you did.