29 March, 2011

Opa! Kouzzina Breakfast Review

While staying at the Boardwalk Inn for a few days after the marathon in January, I was lucky enough to have breakfast at Kouzzina twice. For those that don't know, Kouzzina is Iron Chef Cat Cora's first restaurant. Every time I've eaten there in the past, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had dinner there when it first opened and this Greek girl definitely approves of Cat's Greek recipes! They were definitely slightly different than what I grew up with but everything I had was delicious.

But now back to breakfast!

The first time I went with Nicole, I decided to try the Vegetable Flatbread - Scrambled Eggs, Roasted Red Peppers, Spinach, and Feta.  The spinach was tossed in a light dressing and was delicious.  The flatbread was perfectly crisp, eggs cooked well done (I had asked for them that way), and feta was creamy.   While I enjoyed the flatbread, I kept thinking it was missing something though.  Probably would have been better if there was crumbled sausage on it, but that's the carnivore in me talking.  I usually always have some sort of extra protein (sausage, bacon, etc) with breakfast when I go out to eat but I'm sure my vegetarian friends would love this even more than I.  Or maybe caramelized onions or something.  There was some sort of flavor missing!

I also had a pot of french press coffee and nothing beats fabulous coffee! :)

Should have moved over some of the spinach for the pic!

I think Nicole had the french toast and said she enjoyed it.  Sadly I didn't take any pics though!

The lobby of the restaurant had been slightly updated since I had last dined there and I liked the changes.  It looked a lot less like Spoodles (the restaurant that used to be here) and had more of a Cat Cora touch to it. 



The second time for breakfast I headed there solo on my last morning before heading to Hollywood Studios with Chris.  I had a nice table in the corner and just wanted to relax and enjoy my last morning in the World.  My waitress was attentive and helpful and kept making sure I had everything I needed.   When I asked about the blueberry orange granola pancakes, she highly recommended them so I placed my order, along with another pot of french press coffee. 


The pancake was AMAZING!!  I couldn't get over how delicious and perfect it was.  Even think I tweeted a picture to my friend Daniel mid-meal to brag a little.  :) You can't see in the photo, but there were blueberries also cooked into the batter.  The orange flavor wasn't overpowering and I think it was only from orange zest, which was perfect.  It barely needed syrup, which is a huge plus in my book.  The chicken sausage was also more flavorful than I've had during previous meals here so I think they changed them up a little.  Yum!! Could easily eat this on a regular basis...pretty much daily.  :)

I couldn't finish it all but managed to enjoy every single bite I had.  After paying and taking the rest of my french press coffee to go, I headed out to enjoy the rest of my last day.

Already counting down the days when I can go back for more pancakes. :)


  1. Yum! That pancake look amazing (no sausage for me though:) ), and I'm thinking something like that would be an amazing post-half marathon breakfast too.

    Hope you're having a good week!

  2. Food looks... acceptable! Just kidding. In reality I am just jealous. I woke up to a ridiculously empty and sad fridge so no breakfast for me. I might stop by starbucks on my way to work, but that doesn't even to compare to the flatbread...


    @lisasfoods...I seriously dream about that pancake!!

    @melie...haha, my fridge is empty too. :( so sad!