30 March, 2011

Marathon Week Day 8: Hollywood Studios & the American Idol Experience

After my awesome breakfast at Kouzzina, Chris came to pick me up and head over to Hollywood Studios. Chris had been planning on auditioning again for the American Idol Experience and wanted to show me what the whole audition process was like. Also our friend Shane was going to come watch and hang out with us for the day too.

Right when we entered the park, Chris and I quickly made our way to the audition area and Chris got started!

Some of this MIGHT be out of order but I'm trying to remember how everything happened.  We originally sat in a waiting room with a bunch of ipod's and headphones that contained all of the possible songs that contestants can sing during the show.  There were a few other people in the room practicing and singing a few lines of possible songs. 


Chris then sang for two separate judges in private rooms and they informed him that he made it as a competitor on one of the shows for the day.  The initial auditions were really cool to watch and I got to be a fly on the wall and just sit in the back of the room while Chris sang a capella for one judge and then to music for another judge.  The second judge discussed with Chris which song he should sing for the actual show.

After making it through to the actual show, Chris was selected to be the contestant that had a mini video made about his audition.  A one man camera crew and director came out to introduce themselves and we headed outside where all of the backdrops were for the show.  Chris had to sing in front of the backdrop while they filmed him and then the director (is that what you call him?!) then proceeded to quickly interview Chris about where he's from, why he loves to sing, his favorite singer, etc.  It was cool! 




After filming for the video finished, Chris and I were free to wander the park for a little bit before he had to go back in for hair, makeup, and voice coaching.  We quickly made lunch reservations at 50's Prime Time and then wandered and interacted with some of the Streetmosphere characters while we waited for Shane to show up.  When Shane came, Chris had to head back so the two of us wandered a bit and ended up watching the Disney Channel Rocks performers.  I really need to catch up on my teeny-bopper Disney music because I had NO clue what ANY of them were singing!!  I also ran into Karen and her husband and they said that they would come to the American Idol show to watch Chris...yay!!

Shane and I headed over to the American Idol area to get our priority family & friends seating and when we entered the studio, Chris and the two other contestants were already rehearsing. 


Soon the rest of the studio audience was ushered into the room and the show was about to start!  Watching the whole show was really cool.  Pretty much just like the real American Idol show.  There were three judges (definitely type cast to be just like Simon, Paula, and Randy) and each contestant sang a song and then got torn apart by the judges. 



Chris did awesome and sang 'I Don't Wanna Be' by Gavin DeGraw.  I thought he was great and I forget what the judges said exactly but they were pretty funny but definitely harsh!  The other two contestants did pretty well too but an older lady that sang 'Black Velvet' ended up winning. 

After the show was over, the three of us wandered a bit more and then headed over to 50's Prime Time Cafe to grab some lunch before I had to leave.

Since this was my first American Idol Experience, I honestly had NO idea what to expect.  The real American Idol doesn't really interest me so I never made it a point to see the show while on vacation.  Glad I did though and will try to make it to more shows next time I'm in Hollywood Studios!


  1. I wish you were in town when I did it! Scary for me, I had never watched it and the first time I'm "watching" it, I'm IN it LOL.

  2. @Sarah...I know! :( you might just have to audition again then when I'm in town... ;)

  3. Very cool! I never had any desire to go see that when I've been down there - but if I was cheering someone on I bet it would be really cool to do. Congrats to Chris for making it to the final 3! That's great!

  4. Sounds like it was a lot of fun. I always enjoy American Idol at Hollywood Studios but don't see myself having the nerve to sing!

  5. @FruitFly...Yeah, I think I'll stick to only going if I know someone...or if I have some time to kill in the parks!

    @Eveythingmouse...I could never sing either! I hate speaking in front of people let alone sing!