28 March, 2011

Marathon Week Day 7: 3 Parks in One Day, plus a little Ye Haa Bob!

OK...so I only have a few more posts to wrap up my January trip recap so lets see how far I can get before something else side tracks me! :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Not sure if I mentioned it in an earlier post but today was the day that I was supposed to fly home.  And then Snow-pocalypse 2011 hit the northeast.  Tuesday night I got an email from Continental saying that due to the snow I can change my flight without penalty so I quickly jumped at the chance.  I mean...an extra day in Disney? Sign me up!  Was able to extend the reservation at the Boardwalk too so everything was set.

Ready for a crazy busy day? :) 

Wednesday morning Nicole and I woke up and headed to a yummy breakfast at Kouzzina before making our way to Animal Kingdom to meet up with a few others.  The Kouzzina review will come in a post right after this. :)

disney photopass pics, Jan 2011disney photopass pics, Jan 2011

After some Photopass pics, we made our way to Everest for a quick ride with the Yeti and then headed over to Dinoland to attempt to smuggle a dinosaur back into 2011.  Around then Jackie and Lindsay arrived so we took a quick ride on Primeval Whirl (my first time!). 

disney photopass pics, Jan 2011

Megan and Chris came as we were exiting so we all headed towards the Lion King show so some of us can get our monkey fix. :)  I had never seen the Lion King show and I'm so sad I hadn't seen it until now!  It was awesome!! Other friends had told me that the Nemo show was better so I went and saw that and wasn't really impressed.  Now I definitely have to see Lion King every time I go.  The performers were all really talented and entertaining!






Nicole had to head out around here so we said our goodbyes and then the rest of us headed to Flame Tree BBQ for a quick pick-me-up.  Pretty sure I had the chicken and enjoyed it! After we were thoroughly stuffed, we headed over to Kilimanjaro Safari and then Pangani Trail. 






Around now Megan had to leave too so we started to head to the front of the park.  While on our way to the front though, we ran into Santa!! YES, Santa Claus! :)  There is a guy that ran Dopey (the 5k, half, full) who looks just like Santa and wears a Santa hat while running.  Chris had actually been the one to give him his medal so we stopped to talk to him.  After talking to a few other runners, a lot of people said they had seen him running as well. 

This guy was awesome.  Totally played into the character and was the nicest man.  Even his wife had a Mrs. Claus look to her.  When he found out Chris was the one that handed him his medal, he reached into his pocket and produced a Santa coin to present to him.  Really cool!  Also while we were there talking, a little girl came up to him and Santa got down on his knee and was talking to the girl completely in character.  Kinda melted our hearts a bit.  He then mentioned that he and his wife had to 'head back up north' so we said our goodbyes.  I think Chris was a little smitten... :)


After saying bye to Megan, the remaining four of us jumped in cars and headed to Epcot for a quick walk through.  Obviously we had to stop at Karamell Kuche for a quick snack, right?  Quite possibly the best caramel peanut apple EVER!  Also somewhere in our Epcot time line we took a ride on Spaceship Earth.  Chris and I had a great future picked out!


Thoroughly satisfied with our snacks, we decided to make our way over to the Magic Kingdom to get in some of the Fantasyland rides that we haven't been able to ride since our trips started.  We played around in the new Winnie the Pooh and were thoroughly more entertained than the little kids.  The honey wall was awesome!


Philharmagic, Snow White, and It's a Small World were also on our agenda and after that Chris and I stayed behind to watch Wishes while Lindsay and Jackie headed over to Port Orleans Riverside to grab a table to see Ye Haa Bob and meet up with Katie, Shane, and the gang. 

Chris and I lucked out and saw a Photopass photographer by the castle putting his camera away.  Since he was in the perfect spot for photos, we quickly asked if we can stake out where he was standing to watch Wishes.  Set up my camera and Gorillapod and then waited for the show.  Wishes was awesome like always!  Why do I always tear up when I see it? :)  I'm such a sap and Disney knows how to do fireworks!

disney photopass pics, Jan 2011



After making our way out of the park, we quickly headed over to Port Orleans Riverside to meet up with the rest of the crew.  I had never seen YeHaa Bob and was totally entertained...he was hilarious!!  I love how much the crowd gets into his songs and plays along.  If you haven't been yet, DEFINITELY go!  I can't wait to see him again!


After a few beers and tons of laughs, we all started heading out. Chris dropped me off and we made plans to meet up again the next morning so I can watch him audition for the American Idol experience before having to head to the airport. :)


  1. Your picture taking skills are awesome. What kind of camera do you use?

  2. Come on, do tell. How long after the race did you wear your medal for? :-) By the way, I am mad impressed that you were able to do so much walking after your marathon!

  3. I love your pictures!!! And I tear up at Wishes too! :) Isn't the Lion King amazing? It is one of my favorite shows - I love the tumble monkeys. And I am drooling over the caramel apple - yum!

  4. Love the pictures! I actually saw Santa as I was running my race and have a picture of him. Love that!

  5. There should be a rule against taking such fabulous photos on the Safari. Nice job!

    I'm soooo glad you went to Festival of the Lion King. I watched Nemo once when it opened. Boring. But I never miss Lion King. It gives me goose bumps every single time!

    We saw YeHaa Bob during the Princess - that was our hotel! And I swear I've seen "Santa" on multiple trips - and even when I lived there. He's hard to miss!

    What a great bonus day you got to have down there!

  6. @Victoria...thank you :) I use a Canon 7D and LOVE it. Plus I rotate between 3 or so lenses.

    @melie...ha! this was the last day I wore my medal but I saw people wearing them the next day too!

    @Emily...definitely need to see Lion King now EVERY trip!

    @Karen...I need to find Santa again in 2012!

    @FruitFly...Thank ya ;) YeHaa is a riot. I hear there's other late night places to go too that I need to check out. Scat Cats is more laid back, right?

  7. Scat Cats - yes. And the guy is soooo talented! Not only does he sing, but we saw him playing the keyboard, saxophone, flute?, he was just a one man band!

  8. awesome! Definitely have to go in Oct. We're booked at Port Orleans Riverside so we go to both :)