24 February, 2011

Race Recap: Cherry Tree 10 Miler

This past weekend my friend Tony and I bundled up for the frigid weather and headed to Brooklyn for the Cherry Tree 10 Miler in Prospect Park.  Tony's wife and our two other friends decided to join in the fun and were our cheerleaders for the race.

We arrived in Brooklyn pretty quickly and had over an hour to kill before the race started.  Headed into the high school where packet pickup was to relax and stay warm.  Tony and his wife arrived a few minutes later and we started to get ready for the race.

Ignore the alien look we have going on.  We were making fun of Tony's head sock all morning!

The goody bags consisted of hand warmers (like the ones you use for skiing), which were perfect for the 20 degree temperature outside, and a pretty cool ear warmer that had both the race and the running associations logo on it.  Definitely will be using it in the next month!

The start was a few blocks from the school in Prospect Park so we all started walking over.  It was FREEZING so we kinda left our cheerleaders in the dust as we jogged to the start to warm up. 

The race itself was pretty much three loops of the park.  I hadn't been there before so I didn't mind the loops too much.  I knew there was one decent sized hill thrown in there that we'd have to do 3 times but it wasn't as horrible as I had imagined.

Cherry Tree 10 Miler 2/20/11

We started out at an awesome pace, first mile in 9:11.  We were frozen so just assumed the speed was due to us trying to warm up.  When mile 3 was also 9:10 we decided to see how long we could keep the speed.  We would start to warm up and sweat and then a huge gust of wind would come and freeze us to the bone again.  Right around the lake was the worst but then we had that fabulous hill to look forward to!

Our first loop around...why do I always give the cheesy wave?!
When we hit mile 4 and saw we ran it in 8:47...we seriously just looked at each other and laughed.  Neither of us could believe the pace and joked that both our watches had to be off.  The remainder of the race was pretty uneventful.  2 water stops around the loop so we had plenty of spots to hydrate.  

Looping around
I was feeling awesome throughout the whole race and was thrilled with our pace.....Then we got to around mile 8 and I felt my IT band start to twinge.  Hmm... tried to ignore it and kept up the pace.  After it got worse I finally started to slow down just a tad.  But then when we hit mile 9, I just wanted to finish strong and for the race to be over.  I picked up the pace and tried to ignore my knee but had to finally tell Tony to run ahead of me the last half mile or so cause I could tell he still had extra energy. 

When I crossed the finish line, I was thrilled with my time...1:32:39!  Crushed my 10 mile record by about 8 minutes!  Yayyyy!!  But I was seriously pissed off about my IT Band.  I haven't had problems with it in over a year and it crushed me that it hindered my run.  Ugh!  To make it even worse, the second I stopped running, the pain went away.  Frustrated beyond belief!

Cherry Tree 10 Miler 2/20/11There was a water and Gatorade table set up for runners but it was slightly chaotic.  Grabbed a sip of Gatorade and then we headed back to the high school for the remainder of the food.  There were bagels, apples and oranges for runners, as well as free samples of Cheribundi and FRS energy drink and energy chews.  Kinda fell in love with Cheribundi...reminds me a lot of cranberry juice.  They say it's supposed to help inflammation but all I know is that I liked the taste.  The FRS on the other hand?  The smell alone made me slightly gag but I had to try it anyways.  After 2 sips, I tossed the whole can.  Meh.  The energy chews were slightly better but I didn't love them. They're still sitting on my dresser. 

Overall I enjoyed the race!  It was pretty well organized and everyone knew where to go.  There was also a 3 person relay going on at the same time so they did a good job making sure the relayers and the 10 milers knew which way to go at the exchange points.  Hopefully next year it's slightly warmer!  It was a great group of runners, many of them who were insanely fast.  Even with my 'fast' (for me) time, I placed 48 in my age division.  The fastest woman in my division finished a full 30 minutes before me!

Some fun freebies

To celebrate and reload on the lost calories, we headed to one of my favorite places in the NYC... S'Mac!  All they serve is macaroni and cheese...with some awesome combination of ingredients.  We definitely stuffed ourselves silly.  We all split a sampler and then each ordered a small individual pan of a different item on the menu.  Pure heaven!

The sampler...Alpine was my winner!

My all time favorite...the Mediterranean (goat cheese, kalamata olives, spinach, & garlic)

Then..just in case we hadn't consumed enough calories, we headed over to Rice to Riches for some amazing rice pudding. That's all they serve. A dozen different flavors of rice pudding, and a dozen different toppings you can top it with. Heaven, Part 2!! (sorry no pics of the pudding....we ate it too quickly)

So minus my IT Band annoyance, I'd say that Race #2 of the year and the Run for the Bling of It challenge was a success! :)


  1. I love that there's a restaurant devoted soley to mac and cheese in NYC. Only in New York.

    I may look into that for an upcoming trip to the city, especially to try that sampler. It'd be fun to just have that and a drink on a cold afternoon.

  2. AWESOME race time! Congratulations!!!

  3. Congratulations! Great pace! I really like those ear-cover bands (I don't know how they are called) you are wearing. They are very cute, though I honestly hope never to need one! :-)

  4. Awesome time!

    I wish I had known about S'Mac a week ago - I was in NYC last weekend and this place looks amazing! Next time :)

  5. You were flying! Great race. Oh my, that S'mac place looks good!

  6. Aww, I wish I would have known about S'Mac before our trip last weekend.

    Awesome job on the 8 min PR! How is your IT band feeling?

    It was so chilly on Sunday. Kind of mean after it was so nice on Friday!

  7. OMG that mac and cheese looks like a foodgasm!

  8. You became a little famous. Thanks for blogging about the Cherry Tree.


    and thanks for the great photo of my back. (I am the dude in the orange vest.0

  9. Awesome job on the race! Great time!! :0) That Mac and Cheese looks INCREDIBLE!!! Yummm! :0)

  10. What a great idea for a restaurant - the food looks delicious!

  11. Wow!! That's awesome!!! What a fantastic run in the cold! :)

  12. @lisasfood...definitely recommend the Mediterranan version, I've been craving it ever since! (If you like peanut butter, there's also a place dedicated to just pb sandwiches lol)

    @Victoria...thank you! :)

    @melie...I'm jealous you won't ever need to wear an ear warmer (that's what i call them, not sure of the official name either). I'm hoping I can put these all away for the year soon!

    @A.Leo...definitely try to get there if you can! Slightly chaotic when it's busy but worth it.

    @Karen...thanks! S'Mac was a perfect ending!

    @kilax...the IT Band is feeling better. Have only done some short runs on the treadmill but have been stretching and foam rolling a lot. Hoping it goes away again.

    @Matt...hmm..yup...foodgasm is exactly how I would explain the meal! :)

    @Chicken...thanks! I might ask for your autograph next time!

    @Katy...thank you! :)

    @Karen...thanks! I might have to go back to the mac and cheese place soon...yum!

    @Kelley...I wish I had thought of the idea before this lady did!

    @Niffercoo...I'm waiting for this stupid cold running to end soon though. I'm ready for spring!

  13. That ear warmer is great...I'd rather have that than another t-shirt...especially this winter! Great speedy job, and way to crush your PR!

  14. I ran a 5 miler race in Prospect Park on Thanksgiving last year and I really enjoyed it. I also was amazed by my time and we got arm sleeves and the race fee was only $25. Gotta love those races!! Congrats on your great PR!!

  15. Congrats on a great race!!

    I must admit though - I got complete sidetracked when I saw the mac & cheese. I might need a napkin to wipe the drool from my face! ;)

  16. @Kate...thanks! love the ear warmer, definitely! I have so many shirts that I'm glad I didn't add another one to the pile!

    @Christine...Arm sleeves would have been awesome! I definitely have to keep an eye out for more of these races. :)

    @Fruitfly...thank you! I've been dreaming about the mac and cheese ever since race day!