16 February, 2011

Marathon Week Day 3 Recap: Epcot!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

After cheering on Christina and the rest of the ROTE gang during the half, we headed back to Pop so Christina can shower and get ready for the rest of the day. Our park of choice? Epcot!!

We got all of the big stuff that we wanted to do done in our condensed day, which we're happy with.  We didn't want to go too crazy because I had the full marathon the next day and Christina was definitely feeling the effects of running 13.1 miles earlier that morning. 

Spaceship Earth

First stop was The Land to grab Fast Passes for Soarin.  Just ran in and came right out.  Next up was a trip to see our favorite fishies, Nemo!  I had wanted to test out my new camera a bit since it's supposedly better in low light than my previous.  Happy to report that I love it!  I've been trying to get a clear shot of those stupid jellyfish for the longest time and finally...voila!!  I love how you can tell they're made of some meshy fabric, never noticed it before!




The Captain EO show had just closed their doors so we had to decide what to do.  Even though I can't stand the current version of Journey Into Imagination, I had to go visit Figment.  Can they please please please change this ride?  Where's my cute purple dinosaur that we all grew up with?  The annoying version of him is just...annoying!


Seeing Captain EO and Michael Jackson in his 1980's 3-D glory though made up for it.  Yes, it's the cheesiest movie EVER but seriously... how can you not love Hooter and Fuzzball?  I went to the stand outside the ride after we got out and they had ONE of each Hooter and Fuzzball stuffed animals.   I was SO tempted to buy one but figured I'd come back another day.  Sadly, both those stuffed animals sold out so I never got a chance to get one.

On our way to Mission: Space we stopped in to Innoventions to get our free Disney Visa character photos.  For those that don't know, if you have a Disney Visa, go into Innoventions (I don't remember East or West, ask a Cast Member) and you can have a private photo session with some characters.  Then you can go to the photo store at the park entrance, and get a free 4x6 photo.  Not too shabby considering these photos usually cost about $15 each.  The characters this time around were Goofy and Minnie I believe. 

Heading to Mission: Space, I had to stop and get some real coffee at the coffee stand that's next to the ride.  I can smell the coffee from a mile away.  Gave us some time to relax and rest our feet.  Grabbed our Orange tickets for Mission: Space and got on the non-existent line.  I don't understand how this ride NEVER has a line any more.  It's by far my favorite ride in Epcot and love love love it.  Are people scared of it since so many things have happened on the ride?  Makes me bummed that more people aren't enjoying it as much as we do.

While in line inside, I see a VIP tour guide walk up with a group of guys and young boys.  Didn't think anything of it really but then a few minutes later I realized that it's probably someone famous so I started looking at the group.  I kept looking at one of the guys in the group and honestly had NO idea who he was.  In my head, he just seemed like he would be the 'famous' one for some reason.  Took a look at the kids and had never seen them before.  Hmm....then I decided to look at the rest of the guys and...it's Tony Hawk!  I quietly got Christina's attention and she noticed him too.  Later found out that he was on vacation with his family and had been tweeting about his trip the whole time.  They were all having a great time and it was fun to see them actually being real people.  Don't think anyone else on our line recognized them.  Pretty cool!

We didn't ride in the same capsule as them but we all exited the ride at the same time and I had to be a mini-paparazzi and snap this pic. 

Tony Hawk

Venturing into World Showcase via Mexico, we took a quick ride on the Gran Fiesta Tour.  Germany and Karamell Kuche was next, where obviously I had to get a milk chocolate and caramel covered strawberry.  They're amazing, and totally worth the $4 (or is it $5?)!

Since we were getting close to dinner time, we skipped over everything else and headed right to the UK Pavillion so that Christina could get her celebratory Strongbow Cider.  It was slight torture watching her drink it but I did manage to sneak a sip in.  Definitely one of my favorite drinks in the world, delicious!  Made a promise to myself that I'll drink at least a few of those after finishing my race.

Celebratory Strongbow!
We headed down to Le Cellier and were a little early for our ADR.  While waiting for our table, we saw a couple get the cheddar cheese soup and pretzel bread delivered outside to them on the bench by the entrance.  I thought Le Cellier didn't do this?  Does anyone know if they do it all the time, or just during off peak hours?  If so, I would totally do it!  The soup is by far the best thing on the menu!

Our Le Cellier review will come in my next post but I will say I wasn't wowed.  :(  Everything was WAY too salty for me.  When I was telling Joey this the day of the marathon, he joked that it might have actually been a good thing for all the salt and running 26.2.  Kept my electolytes balanced, ha!

After dinner we headed over to Soarin to use our Fast Passes and then waited on the longest line ever to pick up our Disney Visa pics.  Geez!  One quick ride on Spaceship Earth and we called it a night and headed back to the room.  I had a race to run the next day!! :)

Still trying to decipher what he's saying in Greek, Judi Dench is too loud!


  1. I love how your friend is wearing her medal after the race! She worked so hard, so she deserves the show-off and everybody needs to know! :-) Have I said I love the disney medals?I guess I have. How about that I looove dude?

  2. The Disney Chase Visa Meet and Greet is in Innoventions West (the one on the right if you're coming from the park entrance), behind Where's the Fire, next to Segway Central in the back.

  3. You've gotten me so excited for Epcot!! I bet my mom and I will be there nearly every day of our trip NEXT WEEK!! Eek!!

    Tony Hawk is looking kinda old?

    When I was there in November there were NO stuffed animals at Captain EO. I'll have to see if any are in stock this time!

    That medal your friend is wearing is HUGE! Very cool!

  4. SO fun! You are a superstar for hitting the parks before the race. I walked around the Expo and went straight home.

    Reading all this makes me wish I were running the Princess. *Bummer* Just can't cough up another $140 for a race right now. :(

  5. @melie...Wearing the medal around the parks for the next few days is one of the best parts of the race! Random strangers come up to you and say congratulations. When I was wearing mine a little French girl who didn't speak English very well came up to me and said "I just want to say congratulations". It was one of the sweetest things ever. I saw her run back to her family and they were congratulating her for getting the nerve to come talk to me. So cute! And LOVE the turtles in Nemo! :)

    @Anonymous...thank you! I know which one it is when I'm there but I always forget which one is East/West. Thanks!

    @Ronda...OMG I can't believe it's next week!!! :) I want a serious amount of detail when you get back! Totally thought the same thing about Tony, he's getting up there in age but still looked great.

    @Victoria...We tried not to do too much walking but I definitely felt it in my feet after awhile. Wish I could do Princess too but the timing is just not right since it's so close to January. Plus it's a serious amount of money! Can't believe they raised the price of Wine & Dine too. :(

  6. Tony Hawk! That's so cool!! Sounds like a fun day!!! :0) Love the Nemo pics, too!

  7. @Karen...thank ya! It was def cool to see Tony Hawk wandering around!