17 February, 2011

Hitting the Pavement Again...

I know I haven't posted any work-out/running related stuff since the marathon.  I was able to get out for long-ish runs twice since mid-January.  Plus a few miles here and there at the gym.  But since school started up again, I definitely haven't been doing as much as I would like.  Hopefully after my trip to India in March things will calm down a little.

For my long runs, I've only done two 6 milers.  My friend Tony joined me for my first about a month ago and we decided to go out and see how far we could keep a decent pace.  Happy to say that I missed my 6 mi PR by 3 seconds!  For not running much, I'm happy.  And I'm thrilled to say that I actually was pacing Tony for the first time EVER.  Granted he hadn't ran in awhile and had just done some kickboxing at the gym he owns but...still.  We've had a friendly competition going for awhile now so I'll take a 'win' any way I can get.

I did another 6 miles solo a few weeks ago and it wasn't as fun, but I got it done.  Treadmill work at the gym has been either speed intervals or hill intervals, each of about 3 miles.  Yesterday's hill workout was surprisingly fun and I can't wait to try to bump up the incline again next week.  

As for the gym, SO happy to be lifting weights again.  I seriously slacked off about two months before the full and haven't touched a weight until I got back.  WOW was I sore!!! I've since slacked off AGAIN but hoping to get in an arm work out tomorrow. 

On the race front...I realized I had to drop out of the Cupid 5k that I registered for this past weekend.  I'm an idiot and didn't realize that I also had a trip planned to VT for some snowboarding!  Snowboarding was a great time so I didn't miss running too much.  :)

On the schedule for this weekend?  Tony and I found a 10-miler in Brooklyn that we'll be running this Sunday.  Sounds like a semi-challenging course but I'm excited to test out the legs.  They say it's a 'Race for the Hardcore'...we'll see how hardcore we really are!

Alrighty...hopefully I'll have a fun race recap to post early next week!  In the mean time, I'll be trying to add more posts about my Disney trip.  :)


  1. Have fun at your race! I always enjoy a challenging course even though I don't finish anywhere great. It is still fun and always feels amazing to look back and see what I accomplished!

  2. Haha! For the hardcore huh? I tend to avoid those races. They sound scary... Nice that you are back to lifting weights. That's the fist thing I miss when training gets too demanding. And I know I shouldn't...

  3. Good luck on the race this weekend. I have not been able to run this week except Monday because Miss J has been sick. Plus its been raining. Going to try to Run tommorow rain or shine.

  4. Have a great race this weekend!!

  5. Race for the Hardcore...sounds tough but fun!!! :0) Good luck!

  6. Ha! I was thinking about doing that race! I wish I would have seen this sooner and would have pushed more to do it. How was it?

  7. @Ronda...thank you! It was a fun race, not as challenging as I thought it would be but we had a good time!

    @melie...I honestly can't figure out what was so 'hardcore' about it. A hill was in there that we had to run 3 times but... it wasn't too torturous?

    @destination262..thank you! :) It was fun!

    @Mrs Mix-it...thank! :) Hope you were able to get some running in!

    @Niffercoo... thank you!

    @Karen...thanks! :)

    @kilax... you should have!! I just posted a recap about the race a few days ago. :)