10 December, 2010

Waivers for the WDW Marathon Weekend are UP!!!

** 12/14/10 Update:  The link for waivers/bib numbers has officially been posted on the runDisney site!  Same link that is at the bottom of this post.  And after all that hoopla of people complaining that the link was 'unofficial'... bib numbers obviously did NOT change... *sigh* 

** 12/10/10 Update:  Apparently there's a few people that are all in a tizzy and pulling the waiver link from their sites because the runDisney people have emailed them back stating that the link is not official and to not believe anything until an official email is sent.  The same thing happened last year and none of the info ever changed when it actually did go 'live'.   So here's my friendly disclaimer that the info supposedly might change, but most likely wont, so uhh...yeah.... **

*** Waiver link now works again so click away! ***

*** As of right now, TrackShack has taken down the link for the waivers. This happened last year when the link was leaked as well (sorry guys!). It should come back up in a few days so I'll let you know when it's back up. ***

Photo from the TrackShack site

Yesterday while at work I decided to do a little digging on the Trackshack site to see if they posted the link for the waivers for this year yet.  I was able to find the link, but it wasn't active and wouldn't pull up any results/waivers.

I kept an eye out and tried again just now and the link works!  I was able to pull up my waiver and find my bib number (it's listed on the waiver). YIKES!!!

I know I keep saying it but... this is really gonna happen, isn't it??

The link for the waiver can be found here!

Now I wonder what corral I'll be in... Bib # 7045...any ideas?


  1. Here's a corral type question for you - and I think this is one I was thinking about during my run the other day that I had forgotten ....

    Since it is my first 1/2, but I did give them a 10K time of mine, do you think they'll throw me in the last corral for the Princess?

  2. Aaaah thanks for posting this! I'm bib #10,000 something! I've moved up in the ranks...last year, I was #14,000 something! Hah!

  3. Well done! Your announcement probably caused a whole lot of web traffic and caught them by surprise!

  4. @FruitFly...It all depends on your 10k time but I know you're around the pace I was at when I was training for the half last year so I'm guessing we had similar 10k times. You'll DEFINITELY be closer to the start. I was in Corral E for the half, and I believe it went up to at LEAST G. There were 3 waves (from what I remember?) and I was in Wave 2 (multiple corrals are grouped into waves). Princess will be smaller but will run the same way. Also, if you get a better 10k time, bring the print out from the races website with your new time to the 'runner relations' booth (or whatever its called, I'll have to see if I can find the official name) and they can change your corral for you right at the expo. :)

    @Karen...No problem! :) I can't believe it's here already so soon! (I'm going to say that a LOT from now until then, I apologize)

    @runningwithsas...I know, crazy!! Thanks for stopping by :)

    @Patrick...Just saw that they reopened the link. Everyone that had an incorrect shirt size on ROTE now has the correct one. Looks like they had an error, we brought it to their attention, so they quickly fixed it!

  5. It's anonymous again. I'm not really anonymous, just Ed from the Washington, DC area. I got bib #5276. I think the 10k pace I submitted was an 8:19/mile. I'm shooting for a 9-minute/mile pace at WDW, which would have me finishing at just under 4 hours.

  6. @Ed...Awesome pace! I can run a 5k at that pace, MAYBE a 10k but for a full? Impressive! :)

  7. @Courtney... The link hasn't officially been released yet but the link in this post brings you to your waiver. Your bib number is on the waiver! :)