15 December, 2010

Training Update for the Week of 12/6 - 12/12!

Luckily this past week ended up being a Step-Back week and my mileage was low.  I had a huge final paper due for school, as well as my dreaded accounting exam this past Monday so running was sadly at the bottom of my to-do list.

I only got a chance to run once during the week and it was a sad 2 or 3 miles of hills on the treadmill.  I honestly don't even remember the exact distance since my mind has completely been on other things.  :(

12/11/10:  10 miles (Garmin Data)...This run went well and totally made up for not running much during the week.  It was chilly when I got to the park but I quickly warmed up and headed out.  Was feeling great during the first mile and was surprised when I looked at the Garmin after the first mile and saw I completed it in 9:49.  Still feeling good, I decided to see how far I can keep that pace.  I've never run 10 miles that quickly so I knew eventually I'd probably slow down.  Kept the pace roughly the same for the first 6 or 7 miles and then slowed down just a bit to around 10:10 miles.  Was still happy with it and finished all 10 miles at a 10:03 pace, yayyy!  Now if only I can keep that pace for a full 13.1 I'd KILL my PR!  Time to start looking for one after January :)

I was finally able to test out my Nathan Speed 4 hydration belt.  I've always used the 2 bottle belt but needed more liquid for all of my runs over 13 miles.  Bought the Nathan 4 and swapped out the 8oz bottles though for 10oz ones so it holds more.  I filled all the bottles for this run just to see how 40oz of liquid felt.  It took a little bit to get the belt settled.  I like to wear hydration belts really low on my hips, pretty much on my pelvic bones, so the added weight of 40oz of liquid against the slick wet suit like material of my CW-X tights was making it hard for the belt to stay above my rear end.  Kept sliding down a bit until I finally positioned it just correctly that it didn't move much.  Little did I know though that the belt wasn't moving because it was actually rubbing on my skin of my love handles.  Yeah... what a fun surprise that was when I got in the shower! OUCH!  (MUST remember to Body Glide!!!)

Also?  Can I just point out that high school boys cross country teams are SPEEDY! :)  When I started my run, I saw the local boys Catholic school team warming up.  I easily had a good 5-10 minute advantage over them before they started but almost within seconds, they all stampeded by me, probably wondering who the crazy old girl is with the 40oz of water strapped to her body.  They must have passed me 3 times somehow, each time just as fast as the previous.  I WISH I was that fast!  I just had to remind myself that these kids are half my age...*sigh*

So this weekend is the BIG one.... the 'fabulous' 22 mile run!  And then after that??? Smooth sailing (I hope) until the marathon! CRAZY!

Also on the agenda?  Revamping the blog!  The layout is pretty boring as is so I'm trying to play around with it and add more things, make it more inviting.  Wish me luck! :)


  1. I completely agree - those cross country boys are amazing! They never pass me though! Nope! .... Because at races you know I'm always lining up BEHIND them! I did see some on their 2nd half of a 10K race I was in. There were multiple high school teams and they were so fast, it was really impressive to watch!

  2. WOW! Nice pace on your 10 miler.
    Just wondering....are you running with your belt at Disney? I've been training with a 4 bottle Amphipod, which I love, but I'm thinking I won't use it at Disney since there will be so many water stops.

  3. @RR...I don't think I'll EVER be as fast as their slowest teammate! I'm kinda jealous :(

    @Courtney...Yup, I'm going to run with the belt during the race. I personally HATE Powerade and it doesn't agree with my stomach so I always bring my own Gatorade. I also need the pockets to hold all my Gu Chomps and stuff! :)

  4. Let us know how the 22 goes.

  5. @Ed...I survived :) The training report was posted yesterday!