23 December, 2010

Run for the Bling of It!

While reading through some blogs I saw that Ronda and a few other fellow running bloggers are spreading the word about a new 2011 Challenge created by Lesley and Sherry.  Sounds awesome so I emailed right away.  Here's the info....

Pic from the Run for the Bling of it site

We all need a little motivation from time to time with our running right?! I use races as a motivator for me to get out and do my training. I am always on the hunt for my next bit of race bling! So, why not participate in this little challenge. Over the next 12 months, complete 12 races! This can be anything from a 5k to an ultra – or any combination of races. Ideally you would do one race a month, but there are no restrictions.

How to be involved:
• Send an email to runfortheblingofit@gmail.com and let them know you want in on the challenge. Include your name and a link to your blog.
• Follow the blog at www.runfortheblingofit.blogspot.com
• Post a race report after each race so that they can link to it on the blog, including a pic of your bling if you receive any. (If not a medal maybe a pic of the race shirt or anything else they give in your race swag.)
• Tell everyone else about the challenge!

Each week there will be an update with links to everyone that did a race and has posted their report. At the end of the year they will do a drawing from everyone that completed the challenge and give away a fun running prize!

Come on and lets Run for the Bling of it!!!!


  1. That sounds so cool!!! Thanks for posting the link! :0)

  2. I am so excited about it! Mostly 'cause I freaking love the bling ... and I only have 2 bits of it so far. I did a rough count and I think I already know of 9 big races for 2011 that I'm doing. I'm so close to 12 already without even adding in fun Christmas runs and things like that!

  3. @Karen... No problem! I think it's a great way to keep me running throughout the whole year!

    @Ronda... Couldn't agree more! I need to start looking at race calendars and trying to figure out what races to run! :)