29 December, 2010

Putting Things Together for 2011!

The Run for the Bling of It 2011 Challenge has already got me motivated to scope out some new races for the beginning of the year.  I knew if I didn't go and register now, I'll probably get lazy and end up not doing anything after the full marathon for awhile.

Here's what I've figured out so far....

This one we all know.. the Disney full in 11 days! :)

With Valentine's Day mid-month there's a million Cupid 5k's.  Found one a few towns over...and it's description?  "Run with your heart this Valentine's Day by running the Cupid's Chase 5K! Great prizes, giveaways and the best way to make a love connection in the new year!"

We'll see about this whole 'love connection' thing. ;)

I'll be away for a good chunk of March during my trip to India so I thought trying to find a race in the remaining 2 weekends would be tough.  But then I spotted an awesome race...it's the first year that it's being held but it sounds great. 

Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon

Yup...THE historic Sleepy Hollow from the storybooks.  Headless Horseman and all.  It's a beautiful little town and I love heading up there around Halloween to see all of their Headless Horseman references throughout the whole town.  Even their street signs are themed! Granted the race is in March and NOT October but it should still be a great time. :)


The rest of the year's races will be figured out later on...baby steps! :)  I've got the Warrior Dash in August which is always hilarious.  I'll be adding the rest of my races to my Race Page so check it out!


  1. Ooh, the Sleepy Hollow Half sounds too cool!!

    And you're going to need to add the Disneyland 1/2 to your list... hint, hint, hint! ;)

    The Cupd Chase sounds cute as well. Kind of like the skirt chaser with the guys going after the girls - although as I recall NO males paused to hit on me during the run. Hmph. Whatever!

  2. Awesome! Sounds like a lot of fun races!!! :0)

  3. @Ronda...I'm hoping the Sleepy Hollow race has something that relates it to their history but we'll see! And Disneyland is DEF on my 99% going list. I've been looking at hotels and stuff and trying to price things out! And as for this Cupid Chase? I'm not expecting any love connection, that's for sure...*sigh* :)

    @Karen...thanks! :)

  4. I'm thinking about the Sleepy Hollow Half too - if I don't get into the More & Fitness Mag Women's Half!

  5. @Tanya...Definitely let me know if you register. Would love to meet up and say hello!