01 December, 2010

A Little Disney Running 101

I wanted to write a few blog posts (ok, maybe a bunch of blog posts) about information that first time Disney runners can read to help prepare for the big day.  The January Marathon Weekend is coming up pretty quickly and I know this will help the Princess runners too.  :)

A lot of the pre/post race information is common knowledge to seasoned runners, but I know that many people make a Disney race their first big race ever, just like I did last January.  Even if you are a seasoned runner, maybe there's a teeny piece of information here that you didn't know about.  Feel free to also add information in the comments and I'll try to include it next time! 

Much of this info I've gathered from all of my fabulous Disney running friends, especially the gang from Running of the Ears, who helped me complete my first half marathon ever!  Without them I honestly would have had NO idea what to expect!  One of the members created a HUGE document that had a wealth of information in it.  Some of the information is from there, some I learned from fabulous trial and error, and the rest is from interesting observations at Disney and other races. 

Here's a rough breakdown of what I'll be writing about.  I hope to get a few out a week, especially after my exams are over for grad school in two weeks !  All topics are subject to change but this is the rough outline. :)

1. Prep 4-3 Weeks Prior to Race Day
2. The Week Before
3. Packing Lists
4. Expo & Two Days Pre-Race Countdown
5. Race Day!
6. Spectator Viewing Info

If you guys have any questions that I don't talk about, definitely ask me here and if I don't know the answer, I'll make sure to try to find it for you.

6 More weeks until I get to pass under this!
It's official! We're here!


  1. What a fantastic idea!! I know that I was really nervous about running at Disney, even though it wasn't my first race. And even then, Disney does some things differently than local races do! This will be really helpful to folks! :)

  2. Okay I am beyond excited to read your upcoming posts!! Since the Princess will be my first 1/2, I am ready to soak up anything you have to offer!!

  3. I.
    January, here we come!!!
    Mickey Bound! :0)

  4. @Niffercoo..thanks! Feel free to add tidbits too if I left anything out. :)
    @FruitFly...awesome! So glad I can help someone out, and definitely ask any other dumb question you can think of. I'm sure I asked a million ones I thought were crazy when I was getting ready for last year.
    @Karen...BRING ON THAT MICKEY MEDAL!!!! :)

  5. I love this series you have started! I can't wait to read more :) I also just found out I might be in Orlando for the Champion 5k, so it's possible I may have another Disney race in my future. Albeit a much shorter one than I'd prefer, but I'm still pretty excited!

  6. Great idea!! Looking forward to reading the rest of your posts~ :)

  7. @werunforwine... thank you! I'm hoping to get another post out late this week. Grad school is finally coming to an end this semester so need to finish up a few things!
    @Charlene...thanks! If you think of anything else I can add, let me know!