28 December, 2010

Getting Closer to Race Day!

First official week of tapering is done! :)

It didn't go as smoothly as planned but we're one week closer to race day.  After my 22 miler I started getting a scratchy throat.  All of my friends were getting sick so I must have caught the bug.  Runny, stuffy nose...sore throat...all that fun stuff.  I tried to fight it the minute I felt it coming on so I think it helped.  Plus my friend officially got me to try the Neti Pot and umm...after a few failed attempts where I thought I might drown...I believe it helped! :)

This week called for 5 miles of hills, 8 miles of a steady run, and then a long run of anywhere between 12 - 15.

12/21/10:  5 miles of hills... Headed to the gym to get this done since it was so cold outside.  Didn't get to do the hills part but decided to just get the distance in instead.  Changed the speed on the treadmill every so often to try changing it up a little bit.  Actually felt REALLY good since it was my first run after doing 22 only a few days prior.

I started feeling worse throughout the week so I decided to can the other mid-week run.  Just didn't want to chance getting worse this close to the race.  :(

12/26/10:  12 Miles (Garmin Data)...Christmas came and went and I had a pretty good day with all the fam! Definitely ate a ton of food and went to bed later than I wanted so I knew my long run the very next day wouldn't be amazing.  Not to mention there was a huge blizzard that was supposed to hit later on in the day.

Woke up later than I wanted to and checked the weather.  The snow was now forecasted to start slightly earlier than originally thought.  Tried to rush and get ready to beat the snow but I was just sluggish!  Finally got to the park and it was a struggle to get motivated and get out of the car!

Decided not to put a mile limit on the run but I had to do at LEAST 12.  I wanted to see how the snow was going to hold out before making a decision.  Started out feeling pretty good for the first few miles.  Then about 3 miles in it started.  First one snowflake....then 5 more.  Since it was early in the run I decided right there that I'm only doing 12.  By mile 5 it was definitely coming down.  Mile 6 I started to see a slight accumulation on the paved trail but nothing bad.  Mile 7 though?  I have NO idea what happened!  It got SO windy and snowy around one of the little lakes I usually run around that I couldn't even look up to see what was in front of me.  I had to constantly look down at my feet as I ran because the snow was hurting my eyes as it came down.  I slowed my pace down a little bit to make sure I didn't slip and fall on the slick pavement.  After I finished up the one little lake I started heading back but still had 5 more miles to go until I got to my car.  The remainder of the run was in a more wooded area so it gave me some nice cover from the wind.  The snow was coming down so fast that I was leaving serious footprints in the path behind me!

Kept on chugging and when I hit 12, I was relieved.  I looked down and had to laugh.  I looked like a snowman!  I had worn a fleece as my outer layer and the snow stuck to it like crazy.  I also had snow ice in my eyebrows! Ugh!  Got the run done though so I was happy.

12 Miles right as the blizzard started....
The stereotypical Facebook pic :)

This upcoming week is supposed to be pretty easy for training:  4 miles, 6 miles, and then 10.  :)

As of yesterday (12/27)...it was 10 days until Christina and I fly down to Florida!!  I did online check-in for Pop and we'll be all set when we get there after our late flight!

And today?  9 days until Disney!!


  1. I am so impressed by you guys who brave the cold. I don't know if I'd be as motivated if I had to put on jackets and stuff to go running!

  2. You are such a trooper! I had beautiful 45º weather that day and couldn't even go 2 miles before my legs screamed at me to stop. You're awesome!

  3. Way to fight through the blizzard. You go girl! Nice self portrait after the run. lol. This race will be here before you know it.

  4. Wow a run in the snow sounds pretty crazy! way to go :)

  5. Thanks guys! Luckily looking at the weather from now until I leave for Florida it looks as though I won't have to brave any more blizzards or snow! :)