16 December, 2010

The Blog is Slightly Under Construction...oops...

I should have listened to myself a few hours ago when I originally said it was too late to attempt to tweak things with the blog layout.  I accidentally deleted something in my template and the whole layout went haywire.

So for now I threw this together but hate almost everything about it so please know this is only temporary!!  Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to fix the chaos I created! :)

12/17/10:  OK so I've made some progress with the blog...what do you guys think?  Started teaching myself how to update and edit all this fun template code.  It's actually kinda fun!


  1. I'm diggin' the new layout. Much brighter and happier looking than the previous one!

  2. @Patrick...thank you I definitely like it a lot better too. Definitely some things I need to redo and fix but it'll get there eventually! :)

  3. @Karen...thank you! I'm hoping to tweak it a tad more before the trip but hopefully a friend will be helping me after I get back. :)