29 November, 2010

Turning Things Around!

Another week of training is complete and I'm happy to say it went without a hitch!

11/23/10:  4 miles of speed intervals...Was nervous to test out the foot after a week of rest and stretching.  Jumped on the treadmill and at first just felt achy all in my legs and feet but I think that was just the cobwebs coming loose.  By the time I hit 1 mile, I felt great!  At first started with 2 mins at 5.0 and then 2 mins at 6.5.  After 2.5 miles I was pretty much spent so I dropped the speed intervals down to 1 minute.  With half a mile left I then bumped up the speed to 6.6 but kept the 1 min interval.  Finished in 42:45, yay!

11/25/10:  6 Mile Steady Run (Garmin Data)... Turkey Day! Every Thanksgiving morning the owner of my gym holds an ultimate frisbee game in one of the parks in town.  Pre-burning all of those Thanksgiving calories.  For all of the people that don't play in the game, he has an informal Turkey Trot where you can run or walk around the park at your own pace while they play.  In the past I've played frisbee and it's a GREAT workout but starting last year, since I was training for Disney and didn't want to get injured, I've joined the Turkey Trot gang and got my miles in.  Got there bright and early at 7am and was ready to run!  Apparently though I can't read my training schedule correctly... I was scheduled for 5 miles but insisted that it said I had to do 6.  Nothing wrong with that though!  The park is pretty much .5 miles around...so 12 loops around the park.  *sigh*  I hate running in circles!  But this run wasn't horrible.  Pretty much only me and my best friend Christina (who's running the Disney half with me!) were running so I was able to pass the walking gang a few times and say hello.  Plus I'd watch the frisbee game as I ran by that portion of the park.  Kept a 10:30ish pace and felt good.  Bring on the turkey!

11/26/10:  Post Turkey Day Boot Camp... I actually did something other than run this week, happy dance!  Along with the pre-Thanksgiving calorie burn activities that my gym puts together, the owner has been doing a post-Turkey Day calorie burn too.  A 2-hour butt kicking that easily burns at least 1000-1500 calories.  I wasn't going to go due to my scheduled 18 miles but sucked it up and went anyways.  Woah... it was crazy!  We started off with an indoor circuit.  I picked the 'advanced' workout so I ended up doing 100 pushups, 100 crunches, 2 sets of walking lunges, and 80 shoulder presses.  After everyone was finished, he paired us up with someone with similar running and strength abilities and we hit the streets.  I got paired with my friend who just finished the NYC Marathon so we chatted about training and what to expect.  The outdoor boot camp was 1.5 hours and each team had to run with a 15lb heavy bar.  We would jog for a bit and then stop and do exercises along the way.  We easily ran for over 2 miles and in between did more lunges, shoulder presses, full situps, etc.  It was a SERIOUS workout!

By that night I knew my long run would have to be at least on Sunday because my gluteus maximus was NOT happy with me!  So glad I got the workout in though!

11/28/10:  18 Mile Long Run (Garmin Data)... A big one! I was still kinda sore from the boot camp so I wasn't sure how the whole run would go.  The foot held up well again and didn't give me ANY problems...yay!  Headed to my normal 14-mile loop park and started chugging along.  Like my 16, I did a run 1 mile, walk 1 minute interval and it worked out well.

I brought a few different nutritional items to test out this time around.  Starting at mile 3 or 4 I started eating the Power Bar Energy Blasts and did NOT like them.  They were so tough and rubbery to chew that there's no way I could eat those for a whole race.  Flavor was decent so I did finish the bag though. Since those were a bust I reverted back to my trusty Gu Chomps, MUCH easier to chew!  Had one or two every mile and then around mile 9 or 10 I had a bag of mini pretzels.  Realllly liked chomping on these!  The salt and crunch were a good contrast to all that sugary chewy Gu Chomp stuff.  Did have to wash the last few down with my Gatorade though as they were dry.  But I'll definitely be adding these into the lineup.  

My pace was great going into mile 14 and right where I wanted it to be.  Then it was as if someone started draining all the gas out of the car.  It wasn't horrible but I could definitely feel myself dragging and longing for my Garmin to beep so I could walk for the minute.  My legs and rear were screaming at me from the boot camp and I had to talk myself out of walking for more than a minute and kept telling myself that if I ran, I'd get this over with quicker.  With 1.6 miles left I joined another runner who I had seen throughout the morning.  We just nodded a hello and she inched a bit ahead of me.  No matter what I tried, I could NOT catch up to her, and she wasn't going incredibly faster either.  I just had no more gas! The last mile I did bump up the pace a teeny bit but it was a struggle.

The best part of the run?  The stretch after!  My whole body was tight and stretching made me feel a million times better.  I easily sat by the lake and stretched for a good 20 mins.   

Next weekend I'm scheduled for my 20...yikes!! I'm debating putting in a shorter run and doing 20 in 2 weeks but then that screws up my taper and stuff.  We'll see how I feel towards the end of the week.  I don't feel too bad today so I'll try to push through the 20.  I just REALLY would like to find a new route...I'm really getting bored of my park!  And next week I definitely have to take a camera with me, maybe that will help distract me some. :)

Here's a pic from the park last year around this time, wish I had some better ones to show!

Happy Running Everyone! :)


  1. 3 things: 30 days out is Bubble Boy time, no more cross training , weed pulling or Lambada.

    Take Glutamine after your long runs and whicked hahd efforts. BCAA are the one supplement that your body needs to build and recover.

    Try Honey Stinger new Stinger Waffle , its the best of both worlds , not a gu not a bar and tastes really good.

    Good Luck , XJungleCruiser

  2. Great job on the run!! Hmm...pretzels! Sounds like a neat idea! I'll have to try that one! :0) I didn't like the Power Bar gel things either...ugh. Good luck on 20 miles! :0)

  3. @XJungleCruiser... Haha, I've sworn off all crazy workouts after that boot camp! Definitely need to go look at supplements, will probably do that tomorrow. And I've heard of the Stinger Waffle... now just need to go find it! :)
    @Karen...Thank you! Pretzels def helped a lot!

  4. @Daniel...oops, I lost your comment in the commotion! And funny funny... it wasn't as horrible as I thought!