22 November, 2010

Training Schedule...Version 2

Update on the foot?  So far it doesn't hurt!  But...I haven't ran on it all week.  I did go to Fleet Feet and bought different Superfeet inserts.  These are slightly more padded and they seem to be making a slight difference.  I've also been stretching, icing, massaging the tendon in my foot.  We'll see.  I attempted to wake up this morning and run but that didn't work so I'll have to definitely make sure I wake up early tomorrow and head out for my 4 miles.

Since I took a week off, I had to adjust everything, which makes me nervous.  Now I don't have a week in between each really long run and I have to have 2 long runs in back to back weeks.  Not sure if I'll do 18 this week and 20 the next or do what's listed below. 

I can't believe it's only 7 weeks away!!! OMG!

           Run 1          Run 2            Run 3
Week 7, Nov 22-28   4 (Interval)   5 (Steady)   18 (Long)
Week 6, Nov 29-Dec 5     4 (Interval)   6 (Steady)   10 (Long)
Week 5, Dec 6-12   6 (Hill)   6 (Negative)   20 (Long)
Week 4, Dec 13-19   5 (Interval)   10 (Steady)   22 (Long)
Week 3, Dec 20-26   5 (Hill)   8 (Steady)   12-15 (Long)
Week 2, Dec 27-Jan 2   4 (Steady)   6 (Steady)   12 (Easy)
Week 1,  Jan 3-9   4 (Easy)   3 (Easy)   26.2 (Race Day!)  

  • Hill: usually do hill intervals on a treadmill.  At the higher distances later, I'll need to go out and find hills in my area.  1 min hills / 2 min recovery (for now).
  • Interval:  speed intervals... 1 min fast / 2 min recovery jog
  • Negative: where the first half of your run is slower than your second half

How's everyone's training going? I've been trying to keep up with the blogs!


  1. When faced with foot pain it may be best to run your long days with a planned 1 minute walk break. This will keep the pain at a moderate level. Break the run into 18 1 milers instead of running for 3 sraight hours. You have to manage the pain and be in control the walk breaks do that. Also give your pain a name (mickey) and welcome him to your run because he's not going to stop you. Good luck from an xjunglecruiser

  2. @xjunglecruiser... Thank you! I actually did just as you suggested for my 16 mile run a few weeks ago just to see how it felt and I enjoyed it. I will definitely be doing the remainder of my long runs the same way with the 1 minute walk breaks. Now I have to think of a good name for this pain :)