02 November, 2010

Taking Over Times Square

When Disney announced awhile back that they were closing down the World of Disney store in NYC, I was slightly heartbroken.  I had only been able to make it to the store once or twice and was upset I wouldn't be able to go anymore.  Then I heard that they were going to reopen the store with a whole new twist, cutting edge technology, and all that pixie dust that Disney is known for so I've been following the progress and news pretty closely.

In what I thought would be unrelated news, I'm a Charter Member of D23 as well.  I had actually been considering NOT renewing my membership since so many of the events were only in the CA area and nothing much for the NY members.  I know, I'm a horrible fan... :)  A few weeks ago though, the NY/NJ contingency of D23 members started twittering about a Sneak Peek of the new Times Square store just for us.  Sure enough, when I went to go look, there was all the info!  November 7th...D23 Sneak Peak event!  I marked my calendar, set a few alarms for when tickets were going on sale, and crossed my fingers. 

According to the D23 website...

Start spreading the news! The Times Square Disney Store is about to open its doors, and D23 Members have the chance to be among the first to explore this incredible location.
Guests will be treated to a delicious complimentary continental breakfast inside the breathtaking new venue, located in the heart of New York City. Jim Fielding, President of Disney Stores Worldwide, will share behind-the-scenes stories of the design, development, inspiration and evolution of this unique retail design. And Disney Store cast members will be on hand to show off the store's interactive exhibits.

Five exclusive Grand Opening limited-edition stretch canvas pieces inspired by five Disney princesses — Ariel, Belle, Snow White, Tiana and Cinderella — have been created to commemorate this D23 event. As a special treat, Jodi Benson, voice of Ariel, will be on hand to sign the Ariel print Certificate of Authenticities. 100 of the Ariel Prints will be available, and only 10 each of the other four Princess Prints have been created. These stunning works of art will be available exclusively at this special event. Each canvas retails for $129.50.

As a special bonus, every guest will receive a discount card good for 20% off any purchases made that day!

Since each D23 member is allowed to bring one guest, my friend Dan and I agreed that if I was able to get tickets, he would be my +1.  Some of you know Dan as @danielwanderman on Twitter and a few other guest blog appearances in the Disney community.  If you're not following him yet... I suggest you do.  :)

Anyways...Fast forward to ticket day.  I had heard that the D23 ticket process was slightly 'unorganized/chaotic' so I tried not to get my hopes up.  I will agree that at 1pm, it was a slight headache trying to get the ticket website to work correctly.  It didn't start to work until at least 1:02 and I originally received an error when I clicked submit.  But sure enough, if you guys saw on Twitter, I was actually one of the lucky ones that was able to snag tickets!  I'm not sure how many tickets they had available, but rumor is less than 100.  Tickets apparently sold out in less than 2 minutes...CRAZY!!!

I'm SO looking forward to this event, you have no idea.  I've been following Jim Fielding (@DisneyStorePrez) on Twitter and he's getting us all excited.  He seems genuinely excited to have the position he does, and that's what the Disney magic is all about.  Hopefully we'll get an opportunity to meet him at the event! 

Oh...and you guys might have noticed?  I'm slightly camera crazy.  But, guess what?  Dan is too! So, if they allow us, you should expect to see a few hundred thousand photos between the two of us.  Give or take a few. 

This youtube video of the huge digital billboard that Disney already has up in Times Square has been making it's rounds through the Disney twitter/online community....can't wait to see it in person!  I was in the city for Halloween but never got a chance to get to midtown to take a look. 


  1. Anthony F (DisneyFanNJ)November 2, 2010 at 2:47 PM

    Should be a blast. If it's really less than 100 people, I'm thinking it won't be too hard for me to find you there!

  2. @Anthony...definitely not hard at all! I'll keep an eye out, we have to at LEAST say hello :)

  3. HOW COOL that you got tickets! That's awesome!!!!! :0)

  4. I cannot wait!!!! And I hope to meet you. :-)

  5. @Karen...I know! SO excited and still can't believe I actually got them either. :)
    @dragynally...We definitely have to find each other, as well as Anthony!

  6. You really do have quite the luck with this Disney stuff! First Jeff Galloway and now this!