10 November, 2010

How Awesome Will This Medal Look Around My Neck!?

The Disney Parks Blog just posted a quick blog post about the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend and front and center was this fabulous photo:

Photo Courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

The brand new medal for the 2011 Walt Disney World Marathon!  A few months ago guests were invited to vote for one of three possible medal choices, the winner then became the official medal of the race.  While I will miss having the traditional Mickey that I saw in previous years, I do have admit that this one is pretty fabulous as well. 

Just seeing the medal gets me even more excited about the marathon!

Because, as a lot of runners say..."It's All About the Bling!"

What do you guys think?  Do you like the new medal?  Better than last years?

Disney Marathon 2010 Medal
Photo from mikewas


  1. Last year's is nice, but I do think this coming year's medal is better! It has that fast, sporty feel to it!

  2. I LOVE the new medal and it makes me even more jealous that I have to wait for 2012. I hope they decide to keep this design!

  3. @Daniel... LOVE it! :)
    @Fruitfly... Definitely agree :) I did really like the Mickey Ears and stuff on the old one though!
    @Niffercoo... I'm hoping they'll keep it as well! Or maybe they'll make an even better one for 2012!

  4. I like the new medal WAY better than last year's. Makes me jealous that I won't be making it out there in January, but I'm excited for YOU! :)

  5. @Melissa...I'm assuming the medal style will stick around for awhile so I suggest heading down for a Jan race in the semi-near future :)