17 November, 2010

Here's Where Training Starts Going Downhill....

Warning...I might whine and rant and complain for a few minutes, please bare with me.  

*sigh*  It was inevitable I guess... Happened around the same time last year when I was training for my first half....

 Remember when I was THRILLED to pieces when I did my first 16 miler, and felt great? Yeah well...I'm cursing that 16 miles right now.  My feet were sore after but that's normal for me when I go into uncharted territory. Usually the soreness goes away by the next day. This time the soreness didn't go away and every once in awhile I would feel some minor pain and discomfort around my big toe and front of my arch. I waited a few extra days to do my shorter weekday run and finished 3 miles on the TM. I definitely felt discomfort but it wasn't pain. I decided to skip my 2nd weekday run to rest up for my 10 miler Sunday. The minute I started running, I could feel the discomfort in my arch/big toe area. I still didn't feel any serious pain, except maybe 10 total steps during the whole run that I felt a slight stabbing pain when I apparently stepped incorrectly. For the remainder of the day after the run though, my foot hurt. It hurt Monday as well. Slight throbbing when sitting or laying down, and walking was slightly uncomfortable but not horribly painful. I could still walk on it and sometimes didn't feel anything but certain steps I felt the pain.

I iced and took Advil and it MIGHT have made a difference but not much.

Started googling and came to the conclusion that it could be the start tendinitis, Sesamoiditis, or hopefully not, a stress fracture.  Before totally losing my mind I headed to the gym to talk to the owner, who's certified in all of this fun stuff.  He poked and prodded at my foot, pulled out all of his anatomy books, and we came to the conclusion that it's most likely an inflamed/irritated/tight flexor hallucis longus muscle that runs from under my big toe, by my arch, and up my shin.  Sounds fancy, right? 

As of right now we're treating it as if it was plantar fasciitis, another fabulously painful running ailment.  Stretching, massaging, icing, advil, all that fun stuff.  I'm also taking the rest of this week off from running to see if it feels any better.  Wearing sneakers every day to work isn't ideal but I'm doing it and no one has said anything to me yet.  At least I have a good excuse!

I'm going to try putting the anxiety aside for now.  Before I talked to my trainer, I was having a slight mental breakdown that I wouldn't be able to run for a few weeks/months.   I would tear up just thinking about possibly not being able to run.  I then talked to my Running of the Ears gang and they reassured me that God forbid I am forced to stop running until the race, that some of them have done the same thing in the past and have crossed that finish line.  It might not have been pretty but they did finish the race.  That reassurance helped me as well. 

So that's my past week in a nutshell.  Hoping next week is better!  Cross your fingers for me!


  1. I hope it heals up and stops hurting soon. It would suck to have to be benched right after being on such a high from that awesome 16 miler! :(

  2. @Fruitfly...thank you :) Luckily it hasn't hurt in a few days, testing it out tomorrow!
    @niffercoo...Crossing my fingers and toes!