22 November, 2010

Feeding My Camera Addiction

In addition to Disney and running, a few of you know that I LOVE taking photos. Some of you have asked what kind of camera I use for all the pics on the blog and if I could, I could talk cameras for hours!

For at least the past year I've been eying the Canon 7D but always pushed the thought aside since I wasn't really willing to succumb to the price tag. Currently I have the Canon Rebel xTi and I do love it, but I wanted something with a few more features. The 7D has pretty much everything I wanted that the xTi doesn't have: Higher ISO capabilities, 8 frame per second burst mode, and oh...did I mention it also shoots HD video? (There's also a few other fun stuff that comes along with the 7D but I'll save you guys the technical mumbojumbo)

A few weeks ago, the itch to get the 7D hit me again and I started researching a LOT. I asked around and talked with a bunch of my friends on twitter (Hi Gene & Scott!) and someone had asked me if I had heard about the Canon Loyalty Program.

Apparently with the Loyalty Program, you can send any broken Canon digital camera, including those much cheaper point & shoots, back to Canon. In return, you can purchase any refurbished camera that they have in stock for much cheaper than you can buy the refurbed camera direct from their site. Make sense? So I decided to call Canon and ask about prices since I had a broken Powershot S400 lying around...

The result? :)

Normal MSRP for a new Canon 7D: $1700
Price for a refurbed Canon 7D: $1400
Price using the Loyalty Program?: $1119

Taxes are extra but there's free 2-Day shipping...how could I pass that up?

So yeah, I sucked it up and am considering this an early holiday gift to myself. I mean, I obviously need some time to play with it and get used to it before Christmas and Marathon Week, right? I also have been debating on a flash to buy so that's probably going to purchased by weeks end.

And what's a new camera without a new camera bag? I spent most of the day today researching bags. I need one that can fit most of my camera gear that I want to carry around the parks...the 7D Camera body, 4 camera lenses, a flash, and a few other extras. I decided on the Crumpler 7 Million Dollar Home bag. I looked up reviews and youtube videos and this baby can hold a LOT! It's probably more than I need right now but it'll allow me to grow into it.

I'll be sure to post some test shots after the new toy gets here!! :) Squeeee!!!! I'm so excited!!! :)


  1. Awesome!! I love getting new cameras. Can't wait to see the pictures you will take with it!

  2. Disney, running, & now cameras? I have a feeling you & I could be very good friends!

    I just took a leap into the DSLR world myself. I went rounds with the Canon Loyalty people, but they still aren't offering the T2i on the program. I went back and forth about getting the T1i or the 7D from them but ultimately ended up with a new T2i.

    Do you already have lenses? I bought the kit lens, which may or may not be a mistake. Hoping for some more goodies to show up for Christmas.

    I'm still debating camera bags. There are a few sellers offering handmade bags on Esty that caught my eye. Plus the Crumplers, and also these:


  3. @Fruitfly...thank you! I have one pic I'll probably post soon, just of some yummy food from Thanksgiving haha
    @Jen...3 great loves! :) Congrats on the T2i! It's a fabulous camera! I do have a few lenses that I started buying from when I had the xTi...

    17-50mm f/2.8 (which is out for repair and BETTER be back by Jan for marathon week!)
    50mm f/1.8 (the nifty fifty...cheap lens, about $90 and one that everyone should have!)
    70-300mm f/4-5
    10-22mm f/4

    The first two are the ones I use the most and love them. Trying to figure out what else I want to get! The kit lens is usually a decent lens and a great one to learn on!

    I think the Crumpler I got might be a tad large. Saw them at the store (ordered online before looking at them) and the one I got is BIG!

    BUT.... I had NEVER heard of the Epiphanie bags and OMG I'm in love with them!! Slightly more pricy than the Crumpler but I could totally use the Clover one as a carry on at the airport and it can hold my laptop too. Ohhhh...I think the Crumpler is DEF going back now... THANK YOU! :) You just helped me spend MORE money haha!

    I've also seen some of the bags on Etsy and a lot are cute! I could just never decide on one!

  4. Happy to be a bad influence! I also bought a $12 padded insert on eBay to use inside my Overland Donner bag, my "usual" Disney bag.

  5. @Jen...I was debating getting an insert for my normal bag too but decided that the Epiphany will now just be me normal 'park' bag as well. The only other things I carry are my wallet, ID, and little notebook around Disney anways, which will all fit in the perty new bag. :)