12 November, 2010

Disney Store Times Square D23 & Press Event Recap...

Whew! I felt like this post would never get written!  It's been crazy busy over here with school, running, family visiting from Greece, work, etc, etc...

The past Sunday and Monday have been complete Disney Store overload, and I loved every minute of it!

I told you guys earlier that this past Sunday Dan and I were going to the exclusive D23 Sneak Peek event that they held for members.  I won't give too many specific details since I think there are 5 million recaps already on the interwebs, but I'll overload you with a ton of pics and a few highlights.  If you want to read Dan's recap of the event, check out his post on The Disney Blog!

Getting into the city bright and early, I pretty much had over an hour before the event was scheduled to start.  They've been working on the George Washington Bridge for what seems like forever so you never know if you're going to hit hour long traffic at 3am, 6am, or normal rush hour.  Luckily this time I didn't hit any and I was out my front door and parking by Times Square in under 15 minutes! 

My early arrival did allow me to take some semi-empty photos of the outside facade of the store.  And as I was taking pics, Dan arrived!

Impressive digitial store frontwatermarked
Nestled between the other stores

D23 Welcome

The store is definitely beautiful and you can tell that the Disney Store gang kept up with the Disney standards in terms of detail. The first thing to catch your eye is the beautiful New York theme right as you walk in. The first floor consists of a mix of the ever popular Vinylmations (which everyone at the D23 event ATTACKED!), exclusive NYC merchandise, Disney Broadway items, adult clothing, holiday items, edible sweets, and a long wall of plush characters.

5' Tall Taxi VinylmationNew York, New York

Free mouse ears!

Oh, and did I mention we got some spiffy free mouse ears?

I (Mickey) NY  :)

We headed upstairs for the main portion of the festivities...breakfast and then listening and meeting the two headliners...President of Disney Stores Worldwide, Jim Fielding, and the voice of the Little Mermaid, Jodi Benson.

13ft lucite treesTangled

Disney touches in the skyline

Jim Fielding, Prez of Disney Stores Worldwide

Jim was introduced to the crowd and welcomed everyone to the event. He gave us a quick recap of what it took to get the store up and running, the 24-hour store shifts, among other tidbits. He then opened up the floor for some Q&A time with the guests. He was very open about everything and joked around with some of the questions.

Jodi Benson, the voice of the Little Mermaid

Jodi Benson took the stage next and said a few words before starting to sign autographs with the limited edition D23 canvas paintings that were available for purchase.

After Jodi finished talking, Dan and I continued to wander around and take in the rest of the highlights of the store.  We possibly went up and down that escalator eight times, EASILY!  :)  After finally getting our fill of the new store and realizing we had been in the store for well over 3 hours, we headed out into the fresh air.  The NYC Marathon was also taking place that day so what better way to close out the day than go and cheer on those amazing runners?  (I'll post some of those photos later in a new post if I can)

The very next day I found myself heading back into the city to attend the press event that was being held the day prior to the grand opening celebration.  I was lucky enough to be asked to cover the event for The Disney Blog and instead of repeating myself on here, you can get the full recap direct from their site!  I had a great time at the event and learned much more than what we were told at the D23 event.  Not to mention I got some fun swag to top off the day... a huge Disney Store bag that is officially my new airline carry-on and a cute Cast Member Mickey plush!

From here on out, I hope you guys are ready for the photo overload....Did I mention this place is beautiful? :)

Mice!Inside the castle

Jim Fielding and I
See ya real soon
Main floor murals
Perfect coffee mugs :)
Notice the date?  (grand opening day)Statue of Liberty Minnies
Ridemakerz CarsMore shots from above
Toy overload
From above
watermarkedNYC OverloadThe Big AppleHuge 2-story princess castle
Dancing pixie dust on the walls
When you wish upon a star...

It was a great few days and both days were impressive.  I'm hoping that the great turnout for the D23 event will prove to the D23 gang that they need to schedule a lot more events in the NYC area.  It was great meeting all of my fun Disney twitter gang and hoping we can all get together again before the holidays!

I'm also hoping to get back to the Times Square Disney Store again in the next few weeks. They had already ran out of a t-shirt size that I wanted so I need to go back and see if they're in stock yet! I'll keep you guys updated if anything changes! :)


  1. What a fun event! The pictures you took are amazing, what kind of camera do you use?

  2. @Melissa... yay, comments work! :) Thank you! I have a Canon Rebel xTi, and have 4 lenses that I rotate through depending on what I'm taking pics of. I'm hoping to upgrade to a new Canon though around Christmas.

  3. Great photos as always. :-) Looks like a really fun event. How does the new Disney store compare to the old world of Disney on 5th ave? Will have to check out the new store soon!

    - Patrick

  4. Cool beans! Seeing the pictures has convinced me that I have to take the family into NYC to see this place.

  5. @Patrick...Thank you ;) The new store definitely has more adult themed items (on their downstairs) and it's much more interactive upstairs for the kids. I honestly can't really remember specifics of World of Disney! :(

    @TheMousePlanner... I think your kids would really enjoy it!

  6. I'm basically a professional shopper ... I would have been all over this!!

  7. The place looks gorgeous! You are a very good photographer! Great shots! :0)

  8. @Fruitfly... the store is a Disney shoppers paradise! :)
    @Karen...thank you! I definitely recommend everyone go when you're in the NYC area!