09 November, 2010

Did I Really Enjoy a 16 Mile Run??

Yes, you read that correctly...I somehow, freakishly, semi-enjoyed my first 16-mile run this past weekend!  More on that in a little bit though.

It was pretty cold and crappy during the week so both of the weekday runs ended up on the treadmill.  Wasn't a huge fan but they weren't as torturous as past treadmill runs have been.

11/2/10:  4 miles of speed intervals...Had the speedy portions up to 6.5mph and recovered at 5.0mph.  Started out doing 2 mins of speed, 2 mins of recovery but then started feeling my body tiring out so dropped it to 1 min speed, 2 mins recovery.  Still felt good when done though.  Next time I have to force myself to stick to the 2min/2min rotation.  Overall time was 44:20, or an 11:04 pace. 

11/4/10:  5 miles steady pace...Another uneventful treadmill run.  Honestly not much to report about!! Just wanted to get it over with, I haven't run on a treadmill for that long in years!  I have to make sure NOT to make a habit of it.  Overall time was 54:30, or a 10:53 pace.

11/6/10:  16 mile long run (Garmin Data)... I went to bed the night before hoping to get out in the park fairly early.  Guess who forgot to charge their Garmin though?  When I realized it I quickly plugged it in but it bumped back my run by at least an hour.  There was NO way I was attempting 16 miles without my trusty Garmin!!  Since my 14 miles two weeks prior was pretty horrendous, I wasn't expecting much better for this run.

Decided to not pick a slower pace starting out and just played it by ear.  Trying something new this time around, I ran the first mile completely and then decided on a modified Galloway program where I would walk for one full minute every time my Garmin beeped at each mile.  That gave me time to drink my Gatorade/water mix and eat my Gu Chomps all while saving some energy.  It would also help simulate water stops along the course, as well as the obligatory character photos that are needed in every Disney race. :)

At mile 4 I started eating the Gu Chomps, one Chomp at each walk break.  This kept up for the majority of the run and I had no complaints whatsoever.  I also ran with 40oz of Gatorade/water.  It sounds like a LOT of liquid but they say you should drink 2-4oz of water each mile.  I did have some left over after my run but I'd rather have too much liquid than not enough.

I honestly think the walk breaks helped a LOT.  Not sure if it was just a mental thing or if it really did help conserve my energy but by mile 13, I was still feeling pretty decent.  Up until mile 11 I was completing my miles in under 11 mins, which is my goal in the race.  By 13.1 I had put up my third best half marathon time and still had some gas left in the tank!  The last 3 miles were definitely slower than the first 13 but to me it's still uncharted territory so I'm completely OK with it.

Also wore my IT Band wraps this time around and had NO problems at all, which I'm thrilled about!  The CW-X running tights I wore, which are similar to compression tights, might have also helped my legs.  Who knows? But either way I'm happy!

So overall, this past week of training went pretty well although I will admit I'm glad another very long run is behind me.  That means only 3 (omg!) super long runs remain and then the tapering begins...yikes!!!


  1. Glad your long run went so well!!

  2. @Niffercoo...thank you! :) Crossing my fingers the remainder of my long runs are just as decent.

  3. Wow! I'm in awe of the 16 miles.
    But for some reason your 16 mile training run gives me confidence that I can push myself into 13.1. Not sure why, but hey - I'll take any motivation I can get ... so thanks!