23 November, 2010

2011 Marathon Weekend Race Program Posted!

Just received an email from the runDisney folks talking about some things for the January Marathon Weekend. And to my surprise, they included a link to the Race Program!!

Usually we're chomping at the bit to get the program a few weeks prior to the race but they jumped the gun and gave it to us a full 7 weeks prior...impressive guys, thanks! :)

In case some of you didn't get the email...here's the link to the 2011 Marathon Weekend Race Program! Enjoy!


  1. Ooh - I know how exciting that is!! Heck I check the Princess page every day just to see when they'll say the official name of the 5K for next year. Fun! I'm not even doing that marathon but now I have to check out the program!

  2. @Fruitfly...yes! It makes it so much more real now. Plus it gives me the extra motivation to get through the rest of my training. :)