14 October, 2010

Wine & Dine Weekend Trip Recap, Day 3

Ahhh...the morning of the big race.... :)

I woke up and slowly started getting ready. I planned on meeting Keith at the Magic Kingdom around rope drop so I was still trying to keep to a schedule. I headed out to the busses and the MK line was already pretty long. I thought to myself that I should have grabbed breakfast in the food court but then remembered the Main St Bakery. THAT was Mistake #1 of the day. A MILLION buses came and went, none for the MK. Finally after what seemed like forever, one finally came and we were on our way.

So it had been my goal on this trip to take my time and really slow down and appreciate the parks. Go into the stores, mingle, look at all the smaller details. Well? Looking back, I didn't do that at all. :( And who knows when my next solo trip will be. Maybe next Wine & Dine? Who knows...

I was able to meander for about 15-20 mins when I arrived at the MK. I wanted to explore the Main St Railroad Station since I had heard of all the little details that were there.  I headed upstairs and watched as everyone else around me was sprinting to the train.  I definitely got some weird looks since I was just walking around taking photos!

Burlesque Bouncer
penny movies hiding at the train station

I heard that all of these machines still work but I absolutely forgot to test them out.  Next time! :)

The foozeball table (or whatever it really is called?) might have been my favorite.  Unfortunately, the glass case was VERY dirty so all of my pictures of the soccer players didn't come out well at all.


Blue Team
Red Team

Another little hidden treasure I found was the railroad office that I'm sure everyone runs by as well.  If you look through the windows you'll see what looks like to be the ticket window, conductor office with lots of train tickets on the desk, conductor hats hanging on the coat racks, etc.  All very dusty, of course!  Again, the dirty window and sunlight against wasn't conducive to great photos, but I had to post them anyways...


As I was up there exploring, I had called Keith to find where he was and he was already on Main St.  Headed down to meet up and I asked to go explore the barber shop, fire station, and barn for a quick minute just to look around.  I have a photo of my dad in the barber shop chair from 1987 and I wanted to see if it still looked similar.  I'd post the photo here but he might not be too thrilled.  :(

While waiting I started exploring and admiring all of the decorations they put up for the holidays by the Roy an Minnie statue.  If they sold these Mickey dolls...i would totally have bought one!!

Mickey pumpkin

The barber shop looked slightly different from the photo but you can still tell the similarities.  Snapped some pics of the little details that we never seem to notice and then we headed on our way up Main St.

Details at the Emporium

Oh, and remember how I mentioned that I was hungry and would eat at the Bakery?  Well it was chaos, and I decided to skip it and find something else (Mistake #2 of the day!).  We new Cosmic Rays MIGHT have something for sale so we headed towards Tomorrowland.  There was only one area open that was serving burgers and such so I opted for the kids turkey sandwich.  NOT the best meal by any means, and definitely not what I should have been eating the morning before a race.  I just didn't want anything fried and that was the only thing that wasn't.  The only good thing about eating at 10:30am?  Sonny Eclipse was all ours!

Sonny Eclipse

traveling through space

Tomorrowland was dead (as was every park and land that we went to that weekend!) so we quickly knocked out Buzz Lightyear (I lost...miserably!), Carousel of Progress (I still sing "Now is the Time..."), and then good old Space Mountain.

As we finished Space Mt, we realized that this would be the last time we'd ever see Toontown! *gasp!*  Yeah, not THAT huge of a deal since I still have never ridden Barnstormer, etc...but we still wanted to go pay our final respects.


So in Mickey's house, does anyone know if there is actually a video playing on the tv or if it's just sound coming out of a speaker?  I attempted to lean over the railing to find out and umm... BAD IDEA.  I triggered the alarm and pretty much woke up the whole neighborhood!  Quickly leaned back over to the 'correct' side of the railing and we continued on our way.  Still didn't catch a glimpse of the tv though!

Looking at the time, it was close to Keith's lunch reservation at Tutto Italia so headed towards the front of the park.  Figured we'd hop on a bus to the first Epcot resort that shows up (Boardwalk, Yacht, or Beach) and then walk through the International Gateway to Italy.  Lucky for us, there was a bus waiting so we quickly made it to the Boardwalk.

Were seated right away at Tutto and had a fabulous waiter, Eduardo (I think I'm spelling that wrong. I remember noticing that he spells it slightly different), from Naples.  We figured it was far enough before race time that we could have some pasta.  Looking over the menu I noticed a new pasta dish that I hadn't seen before.  Had a delicious meal of orecchiette with a lamb tomato ragu, artichokes, and olives, and ricotta.  It was delicious!  For not wanting to over stuff myself, I sure ate every last morsel on that plate.  I haven't had a bad meal yet at Tutto and, like I always say, the eye candy of beautiful waiters is worth the slightly higher price.  :)

dessert sampler at Tutto Italia

Since Keith was on the dining plan, we shared the dessert sampler.  The menu on allears.net is outdated but there was tiramisu, a hazelnut/chocolate cake, and a mini cannoli.  All were really good but I think winner for me was the tiramisu and the cannoli.

After paying the bills, we headed out to do a little bit of Future World before heading back to our hotels to get ready and relax before the race.  I'm in love with the Voices of Liberty so we had to go stop in and hear them and then watch the American Adventure right after.  Can never get sick of the Golden Dream song!  Next up was Mission: Space and then Spaceship Earth to finish off our day in the park.

Jumped on the bus to head back to All Star Sports and the rest of the day, including my 'fabulous' race experience you can read all about right here.

Next up?  My Food & Wine recap!  I'll probably skip doing an individual Day 4 recap because ALL we did was Food & Wine. :) Yum!


  1. I shouldn't be reading these posts! I'm going to be there in less than 2 weeks and this is getting me extra excited and antsy! Great pictures!

  2. @FruitFly..thank you! I'm so jealous you'll be there soon. I've been secretly looking at flights to take a very quick trip in the near future again but it doesn't look like that's happening. Have a great time and I can't wait to read all about it!