20 October, 2010

T-Minus 12 Weeks Until the Disney Full Marathon!

Wow, just typing that made my palms sweat! (and it's now technically 11.5 weeks away....*sigh*)

So I've sadly only ran 3 times since the half marathon.  I usually take almost a week off after a big race so that's kinda normal for me.

10/7/10:  Headed to the gym and did some legs & plyometrics...

10/10/10:  Yes, on 10/10/10 I went and ran 10 miles.  Did I plan that?  Actually, nope!  I honestly didn't even realize the date until I was going to send a tweet after I had finished.  The run felt AWESOME!  I definitely needed this to be a great run after the crappy half marathon so I'm thrilled.  It was a very chilly 39 degrees when I woke up and started getting ready.  By the time I got to the park, it had warmed up to 45.  During the run it easily warmed up to at least 65, probably warmer.  I run SO much better in the cold, I love it.  This was also my best time ever for 10 miles.  If only I kept this pace for the Wine & Dine half, I would have killed my PR.  Oh well, right?  There's always next time.

Garmin Data: 10 mile long run, 10/10/10

10/11/10:  Went to the gym and did a full arm and chest workout...

10/12/10:  My next run was only two days after my fab 10 miles and it still wasn't bad.  According to my training schedule, I needed to do 4 miles of hills.  It was already pretty dark by the time I got to the gym, and I realized that I didn't bring any light colored clothing to be seen by cars on the road.  Plus all the nearby hills were a hike from the gym.  Realizing I would be on the treadmill, I grabbed my friend Christina, who's training for the half, and forced her to run next to me as she does her training run.  She wasn't too happy with me!  Since I haven't done hills in forever, I started out at a 5.0 pace and alternated between 3% incline for 1 minute, and 0% incline for 2 minutes.  Felt pretty good.  Next time I'll bump it up to 4%.  Baby steps! Finished that in 46 minutes...slow and steady.

10/14/10:  Went to the gym for a leg workout... Had donated blood that morning so took it really easy and didn't get to do everything I wanted.  Definitely started feeling light headed so I didn't want to push myself anymore!

10/15/10:  My second short run of the week.  This time I was scheduled to do 5 miles of negative splits, where the first half of your run is slower than your second half.  It's supposed to teach you to pace yourself and to train your body to store energy for the toughest part of the race....the end.  I started out at a 10:45 pace (give or take some) and then when I turned around to head back at 2.5 miles, I tried to open it up as much as possible.  Tried to keep a 10-10:15 pace and for the most part I did.  Not gonna lie though, it was tough!  All I wanted to do was slow down and go back to chugging along at my original pace.  Glad to say I felt good after though.

Garmin Data: 5 Mile Negative Split, 10/12/10

And unfortunately, that's where my training kinda halted since then.  I had family come and stay over during the weekend and had no time to get out for a long run.  Add to that I had my first huge exam for grad school on Monday so I was busy locking myself in a room and studying.

To make things even better?  My family got me sick while they were here and I feel like I've been hit by a truck. :(  So there hasn't been a gym day or run day this week yet either. 

I hate how I always feel like I finally get in a groove (like last week) and then things just fall apart the week after.  Yes, it's only a small bump in the road and I'll keep on chugging along.  Life just gets in the way and it's getting pretty darn annoying!


  1. Crap. I just counted the weeks too and oh my gosh it's getting so close!! Eeek! I'm excited but really nervous at the same time! lol Good luck with training! :0)

  2. @Karen...I can't believe it's now 11 weeks away! :( Just started following your blog so we can motivate each other in this fabulous 26.2 we have to do :)