27 October, 2010

The remainder of my training schedule

So I was going through my training schedule that my gym owner created for me, and decided to tweak my long run schedule just a bit.  He originally had me running my longest runs somewhat grouped together at the end of my training.  Knowing myself though, and my tendency to over think and over analyze everything, I know I would feel better with a 'short' run in between every long run.

I also know myself and if I post the schedule for the whole 'world' to see, it's more likely that I stick to it.

So here it is... just seeing those big numbers is still daunting and intimidating.  My stomach flutters every time I realize how close this really is.

      Run 1        Run 2          Run 3
Week 11, Oct 25-31   3 (Hill)   5 (Steady)   9 (Long)
Week 10, Nov 1-7   4 (Interval)     5/6 (Steady)     16 (Long)
Week 9, Nov 8-14   4 (Hill)   6 (Negative)   10 (Long)
Week 8, Nov 15-21   4 (Interval)   5 (Steady)   18 (Long)
Week 7, Nov 22-28   4 (Hill)   5 (Steady)   10 (Long)
Week 6, Nov 29-Dec 5     6 (Interval)   6 (Steady)   20 (Long)
Week 5, Dec 6-12   6 (Hill)   8 (Negative)   10 (Long)
Week 4, Dec 13-19   5 (Interval)   10 (Steady)   22 (Long)
Week 3, Dec 20-26   5 (Hill)   8 (Steady)   12-15 (Long)
Week 2, Dec 27-Jan 2   4 (Steady)   6 (Steady)   12 (Easy)
Week 1,  Jan 3-9   4 (Easy)   3 (Easy)   26.2 (Race Day!)  
  • Hill: usually do hill intervals on a treadmill. At the higher distances later, I'll need to go out and find hills in my area. 1 min hills / 2 min recovery (for now).
  • Interval: speed intervals... 1 min fast / 2 min recovery jog
  • Negative: where the first half of your run is slower than your second half


  1. I am a huge fan of breaking up the long runs with shorter distances. Not only will you not burn yourself out, but you'll be less prone to injury. "Oh, I *only* have to run 10 miles this week!" It's amazing how our judgement gets skewed during training haha

  2. @Melissa... hahaha! SO TRUE! Can I tell you how many times this week I said to myself 'Oh! You only have to run 9 miles this weekend...SWEEEET!' And those 10 mile runs later on? They sound like heaven right now :)