21 October, 2010

Marathon Weekend Race Retreats, what do you guys think?

I saw on runDisney's site that they're starting to advertise the Race Retreats again this year...

From Disney's site... "Are you looking for a way to put a little more magic into your Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend? Experience the race as a VIP with a Race Retreat Package. The Race Retreat features a temperature controlled tent with patio seating at the finish line where you'll have private restrooms and bag check, access to live results, a full brunch, massage and character appearances."

They also posted a flyer with more details, which you can read here. Bagels, fresh fruit, hot/cold drinks, private bag check, private rest rooms, changing area, character greets, massages (for a $10 fee), and a few other things.

All for the 'low' price of $105 for marathon runners ($85 for half marathon runners)!! 

Has anyone that's reading (is anyone reading?) actually done the race retreat in the past?  What were your thoughts?  Is it worth it?

I'm seriously tempted to do this, even at that crazy price.  For one, it's my first full marathon and I know I could use the extra pampering.  Second? Considering how miserable and cold we were in the snow/sleet/rain/25 degree weather last year, this would be absolutely amazing.  I remember looking longingly at the tent and wishing that I had a credit card on me...and that they were accepting walk ups! :)

Why wouldn't I do it though?  Well, it's expensive.  But if I hear from enough people that it's worth it...I will splurge.  The other thing holding me back is what to do after the race.  In reality I'll most likely only use this splurge prior to the race.  My friend Christina will be with me during marathon weekend (she's running the half the day before).  We'll both be on the sidelines during each others race cheering our hearts out.  After the race, if either of us wants to 'visit' the other in the retreat tent, it's another $100 fee for a guest.  THAT I don't think is worth it at all.  So while the tent will be fabulous before the race, I won't want to stick around after the race because I'll be looking for her around the finish line! 

So what do you guys think?  Yay? Nay?


  1. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I have no opinion! I guess since I've yet to even do a 1/2, this is all overwhelming to me and I can't even think of what I'd want and not want on the day of a huge race!

    With that said, are you doing the Princess 1/2 this year?

  2. I think the race retreat is a great idea, but yeah that price is a bit steep. I feel like after the race you are just ready to get out of there. I'm on the fence with this one.

  3. @FruitFly....It is tough to say! I'd think for the Princess, the weather will be nice enough that staying outside the whole time shouldn't be a problem. I wouldn't have purchased the retreat for wine & dine (not even sure if they offered it?) I'm more concerned with the weather in January. Last year SUCKED! :( As of right now, I'm not registered for Priness. I REALLY want to do it though but not sure I can swing the trip down there again. There's a few other things coming up in the beginning of next year that I want to do and I'm trying to figure out how to afford those first!

    @Melissa... Definitely steep! If it was just me, I would probably 85% say yes I'd do it. But since my best friend will be down there too, it's a tough decision! Last year I was totally ready to be done and get back to the hotel. But having all that private stuff available to me would definitely be a nice little perk!

  4. I know EXACTLY how you feel! I felt the same way last year standing there in the sleeting rain waiting for the race to start....staring longingly at the tents wishing I could be warm! I don't think I'll do it this year simply because the price is a little steep and I doubt I'll get much benefit out of it. My husband will be with me after so I'm not paying any extra for him to get in! It sounds like a lot of people like it, though!

  5. @Karen...Just the thought of how cold and miserable I was last January almost made me grab the phone and credit card. :)