20 October, 2010

Delicious Eats at the New Karamell Kuche

The Disney world has been all a buzz about the newest addition to the Germany Pavilion, the Werther's sponsored sweet treat shop, Karamell Kuche.  The new store, which is German for 'Caramel Kitchen', replaced the old Glas und Porzellan store, and I'm guessing that Karamell has already gained more fans in it's short opening than Glas ever had.  

We were in Epcot the day that Karamell opened and it was a mad house every single time we walked by, no matter the time of day.  Of course we had to go in each time and check out the offerings!  The delicious smell of caramel welcomed us every time we stepped foot in the store and it was definitely a battle to not spend a small fortune trying everything behind that dessert counter.   

Every item for sale had some form of caramel infused into it.... caramel apples, peanut caramel apples, chocolate and caramel covered strawberries, caramel drizzled cupcakes, caramel fudge, caramel pecan chocolate clusters, caramel corn, and the list goes on and on... wow...I sound like Bubba from Forrest Gump!

I sadly wasn't able to try as much as I wanted...hardly anything really...but I will say the dark chocolate and caramel covered strawberries were amazing! Too bad they were $4 each! I could have easily eaten the whole tray.

Please try not to drool all over your keyboards....


  1. Sure, Jenn, go ahead and make me hungry for caramel when I'm supposed to be watching what I eat...

  2. @James... haha I know, it's torture for me too. I seriously had to yell at myself to make sure I didn't go in and buy one of everything. It looked and smelled AMAZING!

  3. It will be easy to resist trying any of the products, but I'm totally going to have to check it out when I'm there!

  4. @FruitFly...I'm a sucker for chocolate and caramel, especially caramel apples! I need to get one of those behemoths next time I go!