19 October, 2010

Check us out!! Discover Epcot's Food and Wine 2010 Video

Andy and I had a hilarious time putting this together for his podcast. Watch us stuff our faces and give reviews of the Food & Wine kiosks that we hit up on Sunday. And if at any point you think I look miserable in the video? Try eating all that stuff in a matter of hours and try to function... it's near impossible! :)

And yes, I'm proud to say I survived the Mission: Space (Orange) challenge as well. :)


  1. That video was great!

    I love how you rocked that medal the whole time, too!

    So the passports are free? I can just go to a store and get one before we start eating??

  2. @FruitFly...HAD to rock the medal all day! It's a nice feeling when people say congrats, especially after the crappy race I had! Definitely wear your Princess medal with pride! In January, people wore their medals the whole rest of the week!

    The passports ARE free! I think Andy made a mistake though when he said you can get them in any store. When we went, the only place you can pick one up is at the festival headquarters (the Wonders of Life Pavilion). The girl did mention though that since it was the first week of the fest, they only had them there and that they were planning on having them around the world showcase as well later on in the festival. But I'm not sure where they'd be. Doesn't hurt to stop by the Wonders of Life on your way to world showcase though! And make sure you ask the CM at the register to stamp them for you!